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RC Knuckle-Headz

SD Toyz brings you two in one crash derby racing fun with the Knuckle Headz R/C Remote Control Crash Derby Racing Cars! Knuckle Headz remote control racers feature an all ages joystick remote control with Easy-Turn Technology so racers of all ages can have a blast racing their car with speed and precision! And this car isn't just for beginners - the rear-wheel drive allows practiced drivers to drift and spin like a real race car! But an amazing driving experience wasn't enough for these fun addicts so they combined it with the crazy action of a demolition derby for all out racing mayhem! Race against an opponent and with a hit to their front bumper button, you'll send their driver's head flying up to a foot in the air! Can you keep your head while making your opponent lose theirs as you jockey for head popping position at top speed? Put yourself to the challenge to find out if you are Knuckle Head Master!

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