RC Knuckle-Headz - Dragon


Are you ready for the ultimate attack & evade remote control experience?  Then you’ve got to try RC Knuckle-Headz, the new competition that opposes agile RC vehicles against each other in a battle to pop an opponent’s head off.  Utilize hairpin turns, drifting, and multi-directional speed to avoid your adversary, trigger his front bumper button, and propel its head up to 12 inches in the air.  Choose your character: Crisp the dragon, Shred the orc, Clawd the Lion, or Smash the rhino; place your vehicles into a dueling, back to back position, and then see who possesses the skills to maneuver into head poppin’ position.  Includes an RC vehicle, an easy to use controller, a character head, and a long lasting, replaceable LiPo battery.

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