SD Toyz is a family owned and operated company that specializes in creating Smart & Distinctive toys and craft kits.  Education and entertainment are SD Toyz chief product design motivations.  Our high-quality brands are designed to engage children and challenge their imaginations.  We have built upon established licenses such as Smithsonian, Ford, and General Motors to enhance our own educational and racing brands.

RC Knuckle Headz

Are you ready for the ultimate attack & evade remote control experience?  Then you’ve got to try RC Knuckle-Headz, the new competition that opposes agile RC vehicles against each other in a battle to pop an opponent’s head off.  Utilize hairpin turns, drifting, and multi-directional speed to avoid your adversary, trigger his front bumper button, and propel its head up to 12 inches in the air.  Choose your character: Crisp the dragon, Shred the orc, Clawd the Lion, or Smash the rhino; place your vehicles into a dueling, back to back position, and then see who possesses the skills to maneuver into head poppin’ position.  Includes an RC vehicle, an easy to use controller, a character head, and a long lasting, replaceable LiPo battery.