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SD Toyz is a family owned and operated company that specializes in creating Smart & Distinctive toys and craft kits.  Education and entertainment are SD Toyz chief product design motivations.  Our high-quality brands are designed to engage children and challenge their imaginations.  

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SD Toyz creations are split between our Arts and Crafts lines and our Wheels line.  The Arts and Crafts line includes Eyewitness Kits and Perfect Craft Kits.  Eyewitness Kits are our evergreen, educational casting kits.  They provide children six and up the opportunity to learn about, cast, and decorate items that follow popular educational themes.  Some of the more popular Eyewitness Kits are Mold It which explores mold-making and allows kids to make a mold and cast of their own hand; Dinoworks which highlights the excitement of paleontology and gets kids to cast, paint, and assemble one of three dinosaur skeletons; Space which focuses on space travel and has kids cast and decorate different space vehicles; Butterfly which takes a look at these beautiful creatures and asks children to cast and decorate 4 different colorful butterflies; and Shark which explores the exciting world of this underwater predator and gives kids a chance to cast and paint multiple shark species.


Our Perfect Craft line of craft kits challenges users to cast and paint common household items, such as flower pots, jewelry boxes, picture frames, garden stepping stones, and a few mythical creatures such as unicorns and mermaids.  Two of the most popular of these Perfect Craft kits are Gestures and Copy Cast which allow users to mold and cast their hand in almost any gesture imaginable.


Our Wheels line of racing items includes many unique and popular pull-back car related toys.  Knuckle-Headz are offered in six characters and are designed with a powerful pull-back motor that allows users to race and see who can pop whose characters’ head off; Marble Racers which are a 1:43 scale pull-back racer that contains a three color, LED marble that lights up upon agitation; Spinz is one of our latest pull-back racers that when crashed releases a windup propeller over 30 feet into the air.  SD Toyz’ Wheels line also includes Tracer Racers, our slotless slot car racing line.  Tracer Racers are 1:64 scale, matchbox size racers that include black light LEDs on the chassis bottom and blaze across glow in the dark track to leave glow streaks while racing in dimly lit rooms.  These Tracer Racers travel at 500 MPH scale speed and provides unique and fun racing excitement for kids six years of age and up.


SD Toyz wide range of award-winning toys are the result of over three decades worth of creativity and fun.  Some of the recent awards won include, but are not limited to: National Parenting Seal of Approval, Creative Child Magazine's Kid's Product of the Year Award, Parents' Choice Classic, Fun Stuff Award Winner, National Parenting Seal of Approval, Hot Diggity Award, Toy Insider Award, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio's Gold Award, Toy Insider's Top Holiday Toy Award, Family Choice Award, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio's Platinum Award, Toy Man Award of Recognition, Toy Man Stem Award, Toy Directory's Best-Selling Specialty Toys, Toy Directory's Ten Most Wanted Die-Cast Toys, and Toy Directory's Top Ten Toy Under $10.

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