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White Car & Controller 2.4GHZ


SD Toyz brings you the coolest racing experience ever with Tracer Racers R/C glow streak high speed radio control glow in the dark racing!  These are new 2.4 GHZ cars and controllers, you can pair up to 10 cars and controllers at one time.


Tracer Racer racing cars feature undercarriage lights that not only make these cars look almost like they are hovering rather than rolling - the lights also leave glowing streaks in their wake showing how the racers are "burning" up the track!


Radio controlled cars can be driven at variable speeds with a top to-scale speed of 500 miles per hour; Long lasting, replaceable lithium polymer car battery recharges by being plugged into the control - only one set of 4 AA batteries for each controller are required (AA batteries not included)


The New 2.4 GHZ cars will automatically pair with their controllers.  Turn a new 2.4 GHZ car on and then turn a new 2.4 GHZ controller and it will automatically pair.  Old cars and controllers will not work with the new 2.4 GHZ cars and controllers.


Perfect for both beginning and advanced race fans as variable speed radio control cars allow racers to control course difficulty.

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