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Perfect Mold Molding Material - 1.5 lbs Bag


Perfect Mold is excellent for beginning mold makers.  It is a safe and effective alginate powder for making rudimentary molds from which plaster casts will be taken.  When mixed with water, Perfect Mold sets (hardens) within a few minutes. This type of mold material is generally used by dentists to make casts of teeth. Perfect Mold is ideal for making molds that will only be used once.  It is generally not used for making molds of items from which many casts will be made as the material will most likely crumble upon its initial demolding. It is ideal for beginning mold makers because it is easy to use, requires little time to make a mold, is easy to clean up and is non- toxic.  Another advantage to this material is that it is flexible, and even an original with small undercuts (any cavity or depression that may hinder the removal of an original from the mold) can be demolded (removing cast from mold) without damaging a cast. 

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