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Fossil Kit I


Lead your classroom back to a time before humans inhabited the Earth. Capture the imagination and attention of each of your students as they marvel and contemplate a planet hundreds of millions of years old. Introduce them to the fascinating and thrilling world of fossil collection and preservation. How many years is a billion? Where did dinosaurs come from (and possibly more importantly - where did they go?). How old is the Earth and how can we tell? When did life first appear on Earth and how has it change throughout the millennia? These are just a few questions the world of fossils has helped us to answer. The hands on nature of this unique earth science kit makes it ideal for classroom, small group and individual instruction. Each classroom tested kit comes complete with lesson plans and 4 finished fossils including an Cave Bear tooth, Trilobite, Ammonite, Saber tooth, dinosaur claw, and Crinoid. (Fossil Kit I).

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