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Animal Bites


Scientists have learned much through the study of animal jaws and teeth - diet, predatory habits and species_Ñé size to name a few. Until now, most classroom study was limited to text book pictures and descriptions. Hands on Animal Bites brings the study of animal habits to a much more personal level. Each kit includes a fascinating collection of teeth and mandible fragments chosen to reflect the diversity of diet and behavior within the animal kingdom. Three samples from each of the major dietary groups - herbivore, carnivore and omnivore - have been handcrafted to bring stark realism to the classroom. This unique science kit is ideal for the exploration and teaching of the differences and adaptability that occur in nature, and functions as an exciting learning center perfect for individual, group and classroom instruction. Included are replicas of a hippopotamus, beaver, mountain gorilla, coyote, alligator, African lion, human, grizzly bear and baboon - each an excellent representative of it respective group. A set of classroom tested lesson plans and interactive exercises accompany each tooth kit, enabling teachers or parents to easily carry out an efficient, exciting and thought provoking learning experience.

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