Small Bracelet Making Kit - 3 Pack (Shamballa, Friendship, Candy)


Design up to 3 sweet bracelets for you and your sweet friends. Contains 70 pieces including neon beads, colorful candy shaped charms and beads and easy to read instructions. (non-edible)


Make up to 3 Friendship bracelets.  Create Beautiful jewerlry designs with Friendship Bracelets.  Friendship Bracelets are the perfect accessory to dress up any outfit.  Make one for yourself and one for your BFF!  Contains 19 pieces to knot and braid colorful friendship bracelets.


Shambala is a mythical, mystic sacred realm. Let these Shambala bracelets transport you there. Design up to 3. Contains 36 pieces including faceted gem beads, cords and easy to read instructions. 

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