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Perfect Craft Memory Walk Stepping Stones


Finally, a stepping stone kit that is clean, easy, and fast! Simply draw out how you want your message to look, then transfer to the included mold. Place the included foam letter, number, and shape stickers on the inside of the mold to match your message. Then mix up the casting material, pour into the mold, and within an hour your stone will be ready to remove and put in the yard! The places where you put the foam stickers will be indented, meaning you can easily paint those sections to make them pop without worrying about going outside the lines. Kit includes everything needed to make one 10" x 10" stepping stone: instructions, casting mix, mold, two sheets of foam stickers (including several of each letter, digits, and some fun shapes - animals, plants, objects), and paint.


Cast, personalize, and decorate your own stepping stone keepsake. Commemorate an important event, person, or pet by setting in stone for all to see. Display your creation in your yard, garden, or utilize as a wall plaque.


The Perfect Craft Stepping Stone Casting Kit is the kit for creating a completely personalized stepping stone with the look and feel of an engraved stone for your garden. First, choose the design you want to showcase on your stepping stone using the included design elements and place them into the stepping stone mold. Then, follow the instructions to mix the Perfect Cast Casting Material mix and pour it into the mold; Perfect Cast quickly hardens to perfection in 30-45 minutes. After it has set, unmold to find a finished stone that is 5 times stronger than ordinary plaster casts for durability and longevity! Create a stone to commemorate a move to a new home, a child's birth, weddings, anniversaries, a favorite pet... the list goes on!


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