My Gratitude Pillow

My Gratitude Pillow


Enhance your gratitude practice with your own personalized pillow. Contains everything you need, including our exclusive pillowcase, pillow stuffing, tassels and eight colored markers. With the washable markers, color in the art and customize messages about the people, things, and experiences for which you are most grateful. Each night as you lay your head down, you’ll be reminded of what’s important. Wash your pillowcase, redecorate, and add to your gratitude.


• Customize  your very own gratitude pillow to  use with your gratitude practice.
• Includes everything need to create your own pillow;  pillow, pillow stuffing, pillow case, tassels, and washable markers.
• Washable markers let you personalize a double sided pillow case.
• The beautiful pattern on one side can be colored in.  The second side of the pillow  you to fill in the things you are most grateful for.
• Add finishing touches with colored tassels to fully customize your pillow
• The pillow case can be washed and re decorated for to reflect the changing things you are grateful for.  

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